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Boeslunde Camping

Here are pitches that suit everyone and rental apartments, cabins and caravans for all tastes. Come and enjoy nature, the peace and quiet in scenic surroundings or gather the whole family and have a good time together in great surroundings.

Campsite for the whole family

Participate in the many activities on the site or drive out and experience the many attractions in the immediate area. Maybe mother and daughter want to walk through the woods to the beach, while father and son go to Kragerup Gods, "Go High”, or the whole family might relax at one of the 3 swimming pools. We strive to provide a good setting where the needs of security and community for individuals, families and groups are met with room for reflection and presence. We try to fulfill this by being present, ambitious, reliable and unpretentious.

Vi håber, at I vil nyde opholdet her på Boeslunde Camping.

We look forward to seeing you! Kristian and Karina

Boeslunde Camping in a historical setting dating back to 1882

The buildings at Boeslunde Camping and Bed & Breakfast date back to 1882, when the parish council decided to build a new poorhouse, as there was not enough space in the poorhouse in Boeslunde.
The farm was furnished with rooms for approximately 50
paupers, a prison cell and chapel, as well as housing for a caretaker and his family.
In one wing, a barn for cows and fattening pigs was furnished so the farm could be partially self-sufficient in milk and pork.
The poorhouse was inaugurated on October 16, 1882.

When the new social reform came in the 1930s, there was no more need to house the poor. The poorhouse thus changed its status so that it no longer functioned exclusively as a retirement home. The catch was that this retirement home still went under the name “Fattiggaarden” (The Poorhouse), so the old people in the parish,
who needed to live in a retirement home, took it to the extreme. They felt it
was a humiliation to go to “Fattiggaarden".

The campsite was inaugurated in 1968 and modernized.

The retirement home was closed down in 1963 after a new one had been built in Boeslunde. Jørgen Barfoed then bought the property and set up a homely campsite close to the forest and not far from the beach. Furthermore, rooms were furnished in the retirement home’s former living rooms. All of the restoration and modernization of the buildings was done very gently, so that the external look of the poorhouse was kept as it was, when the poorhouse was built.
The campsite was completed in the autumn of 1967 and was inaugurated
at the start of the summer season in 1968. In 1988, Inge-Lise and
Hans Larsen took over the campsite, and improved it
with swimming pools and luxury cabins among other things. In December 2020, Karina and Kristian Langstrup took over the site. 

The site is continuously modernized as the demands of the times and the needs of customers changes. Today, Boelsunde Camping and Bed & Breakfast therefore appears as a well-functioning, fully modern campsite, but its character, due to the history of the place, is still preserved. For example, today you wash clothes in the old prison, take a bath with the family in the chapel and party in the old barn, where many different domestic animals were kept.

Fantastic shelter in beautiful nature

The site has fantastic shelter and if it rains, the water runs away quickly without the risk of flooding. When you arrive you are free to choose between the different unreserved pitches. There are standard pitches, large comfort pitches with their own drain and connections or discount pitches. There is also room for the motorhome either as a quick-stop or on a fortified pitch. Choose from centrally located pitches close to the playground, swimming pools and service facilities or pitches with peace and quiet.

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